Bijeenkomst JCC Groningen


26 juni 2020




Melkweg 1
9718 EP Groningen

As a part of the summer program, JCC Groningen is
organizing a first offline event following the
pandemic, on the topic of post-corona reality. The event is structured
as a 30 minutes talk followed by a panel and will last up to two hours
max. Our
opening speaker, Nicole Hermans will give a talk on the psychological
effect of the quarantine on the individuals and families and after
that, our panel will have a discussion about economic, trade, business
and cultural impact of this crisis. We do not know the future, but we
need to facilitate the discussion and encourage narrative that will
help us as a society get back on our feet. Following the rules, we
plan to be with total of 30 people, no catering or drinks following
the hygiene rules. After the event, we would have drinks in the city.

Who: our speakers are Nicole Hermans, Maarten Barthel (Groningen
Seaports), Maartje de Jong (IWCN) and Anastasija Zihareva (IWCN). I will
be moderating the discussion and hopefully contribute to new insights
with our public.